Angel Face Skin & Body Care endeavors to provide quality and result-oriented skin care and rejuvenation.

Angel Face Skin & Body Care offers microdermabrasion treatments that help rejuvenate skin and diminish the look of wrinkles, and accumulated layers of skin.

The process is simple. A degreaser is rubbed on your face to remove oils. Then the microdermabrasion diamond tip wand will be passed over your skin once or twice, depending on how you feel after the first pass. A suction tube will be held over your face, as well, to gather the removed layer of skin. If needed, the diamond tip microdermabrasion wand will be passed over your skin again.

The benefits of microdermabrasion are:
  • Diminished hyperpigmentation
  • Vanished acne scars
  • Moisturizers and serums are able to work on a deeper level of skin then before the microdermabrasion treatment

After the microdermabrasion treatment, your esthetician will revive the skin by applying a refreshing microdermabrasion mask. There are other masks and serums available upon request. All of the products used after a microdermabrasion treatment is solely to revive the skin, ensuring a healthier and cleaner look.

The Micro Derma Facial
This new technique involves manually applying a specially formulated micro-crystal cream. This treatment removes dry or damaged cells to achieve the same or often superior results than those achieved with a microdermabrasion machine. This technique, unlike traditional vacuum microdermabrasion does not involve "suction" and therefore will not stretch, cause external trauma or discomfort, and produces no oxide dust. Micro Dermabrasion is designed to treat problems such as fine lines, wrinkles, mild acne blotches, pigmentation variations and small scars.

90 minutes (includes facial) - $125.00

Series of 4 prepaid treatments - $420.00

Angel Face Skin & Body Care provides premium microdermabrasion treatments in Campbell and Silicon Valley California.